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M2uur bv is a well-known and respected partner in the building and constructing industry. For more than 20 years, M2uur bv has been responsible for numerous uniquely designed digital printwork projects on a wide range of underlayments such as integrated print on HPL and MDF, wall-vinyl, screen printed glass, printed tiles, and enamel on steel. M2uur bv produces for indoor as well as outdoor use (facades, public space, items or artwork).



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Freekje Vervoord (director of M2uur bv): “The objective is to create artwork that visually enhances the identity of the location. These specific designs form an integral part of the architecture or purpose plan. We can process all artwork into a unique, digital design.” In order to create the best possible result, M2uur bv teams up with artists, photographers, typographic designers, illustrators and graphical designers and has a clear view of the wishes and desires of their clients.

Vervoord: “We are responsible and in control of the whole process; from the briefing to the montage of the prints. The great advantage for our clients is that they can limit themselves to just one intermediary. This will not only save them time and money, but also guarantee them the best price/quality ratio. Our concept is unique and we are very proud of our high quality and professional yet personal service.”

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Method of working

M2uur bv works with a variety of the best (technical) partners to achieve the highest outcome possible for every unique design they create and produce.

The total process contains all necessary steps: mapping clients’ wishes (what do we want to communicate), material research, pricing, concept, image development, digital delivery, technical elaboration, production, assembly and having the overall supervision of this process.


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Production planning, quality and colour checks are carried out by M2uur bv according to the applicable standards and in consideration with their clients.

Eventually, the design approved by the client is compiled digitally and technically for  production. The last phase of the project is the expert mounting and finishing of the produced print panels.

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Contact Information

M²uur bv
Scheepvaartstraat 6
7411 MB Deventer
The Netherlands

T:  00 31 570 67 00 07
E: info@m2uur.nl

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